....Over Two Decades of Satisfied Mortgage Clients

Mortgage Loans since 1993

Atlantic Financial, Inc. has successfully assisted thousands of consumers in the realization of home ownership and financial stability.

      • 1993 – Incorporated in State of Maryland
      • 1994 – Leased office space on Knox Road in College Park. Approx. 600 sq feet
      • 1995 – Built a significant team of mortgage loan officers and back office support staff
      • 1996 – Became FHA approved
      • 1997 – Inception of Home Improvement Finance Division
      • 1998 – www.atlanticfinancialinc.com goes under development
      • 1999 – Atlantic Financial leaves the Mortgage Broker world to become a LENDER adding control to the mortgage process
      • 2000 – Added a Virginia Lender License

      • 2002 – Became a delegated underwriter and began underwriting our own mortgage loans
      • 2003 – Moved from our overcrowded office to current Beltsville location, 3500 square feet
      • 2004 – Joined the Mortgage Bankers Association and Maryland Mortgage Bankers Association
        – Launched a new website to include secure online mortgage application for borrowers
      • 2005 – Proudly set new origination records
        – Added new Citrix servers to accommodate expanding staff
      • 2006 – Added Pennsylvania Mortgage Lender License
        – Processor Amber Carter began her finance career in the AFI Home Improvement Division
      • 2007-2008 – Hundreds of lenders bite the dust, while Atlantic Financial survives the credit crisis
      • 2009 – Added a New Jersey Residential Mortgage Lender License
      • 2010 – Vice President, and fearless leader, Barry Brown joins the team
        – Mortgage operations manager, and trailblazer, Carla Bartz joins the team
      • 2011 – Began providing educational VA Mortgage seminars to our US Vets at the Census Bureau

    • 2013 – Began offering Reverse Mortgage Loans
      – Significant expansion of our Home Improvement Finance division to include over 20 states
      – Added new cutting edge technologies to our toolbox
      – Sabrina Hook, our Chieftain of Home Improvement Finance, joins the team
    • 2014 – VA Mortgage educational seminars expanded to Fort Meade Army Base
    • 2015 – Technology advancements to accommodate client needs and allow our expanding staff to work at their highest efficiency
  • Atlantic Financial 1994

    Atlantic Financial Knox Rd College Park Md 1993
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